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Education, Christmas, Africa, online degree
Education, Christmas, Africa, online degreeg

From African Bible Colleges Chancellor

Christmas is the great reminder of the new life that we have in Christ. It is also a reminder that God is always doing new things among us. This Christmas, we are excited about the new ways that God is working on our African Bible Colleges campuses.


First, many of you have heard the news that we have a new incoming President of ABC, Lee Sonius. Lee and his wife, Michelle, have spent most of their lives living and serving in Africa with SIM and HCJB (Reach Beyond). Lee will begin on January 1, 2024, and we are excited to have them as part of our ABC family, giving leadership to all of our campuses and our ministry.


In Malawi we have a new Campus Director, Mr. Blessings Chibambo. Blessings is an ABC graduate and has led the organization Live Love Malawi for many years. Blessings is doing an excellent job leading our work on the campus and bringing oneness to the many facets of our ministry in Malawi.


In Liberia, it is so good to have Del and Becky Chinchen re-join our team on the campus. Del and Becky have already begun serving with Dr. Buzz Beauchamp, giving administrative and academic leadership.


In Uganda, Vice Chancellor Dr. Jeremiah Pitts has begun working on plans for a new classroom and student building to expand our facilities so that we can meet the needs of the growing college.


Please be praying this Christmas for God‘s work in Africa to continue to spread through our leaders, faculty, students, and graduates. And please consider making a donation to ABC this Christmas. Your support continues to be vital in all that we do.



May God bless you and your family in a special way this Christmas.

Dr. Palmer Chinchen


Education, Christmas, Africa, online degree

Making Everyday Better

Thanks to generous support from donors like you, we have made some much needed updates on our campuses. One such project is in the men's dormitories on our ABC campus in Malawi. This fall, we were able to renovate several restrooms and add space in the laundry areas. These and other improvements have enhanced the residential experience for the young men and women who live on our campus while attending ABC.



More renovations are on the way! With your continued support, we plan to make many more improvements throughout our campuses in the coming months. Stay tuned!

ABC Online Program: Building Bright Futures Anytime Anywhere

Can you give us a brief bio about yourself? I am deeply rooted in my faith as a believer, finding strength and purpose in my relationship with God. Alongside my academic pursuits, I am blessed to be a husband to my best friend, Rachel, and a cherished member of a loving family with remarkable parents, Deborah and Hanson. My vision of "Love & Lead" propels me forward, steering my passion towards governance and leadership, particularly in serving children and youth through sports and mentorship. What inspired you to pursue your online education and the specific program you’re enrolled in? My decision to pursue online education was rooted in a desire for flexibility and accessibility considering my busy schedule. Recognizing the importance of deepening my understanding of the Bible, I enrolled in the Biblical Studies program to align my academic journey with my faith journey to be better equipped in my servant leadership journey as I Engage, Equip and Empower the world changers I work with in my community. Can you share some of your academic achievements and accomplishments during your time as an online student? I've achieved both academically and personally. I excelled in coursework, deepening my connection with scriptures through dedication and hard work. This journey boosted my knowledge and molded my character. Completing my John Maxwell certification at ABC was a significant milestone. I also earned a master’s in development communication from Daystar University in Nairobi, graduating in November 2023. Online education's flexibility made this possible. Engaging with remarkable teachers and peers at ABC online enriched my academic journey. How has the support from donors or scholarships helped you with your education? Their contributions have supported my studies and spiritual growth, creating an environment for academic flourishing. Their generosity humbles me, and I deeply appreciate the tremendous support that has enabled my participation in challenging class sessions. How has your online education prepared you for your future career goals or aspirations? My online education is a steppingstone toward my career goals, offering a sturdy foundation in Biblical Studies and the flexibility to balance personal commitments and studies. It has equipped me with the skills and knowledge for a path of service, leadership, and mentorship, in line with my vision of "Love & Lead." What would you like to convey to the potential donors who are considering supporting the Online Program like yourself during the Christmas season? I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to potential donors considering supporting the Online Program. Your generosity not only transforms lives but also contributes to the development of individuals dedicated to serving others and the broader mission of education, faith, and service. Your support enables students like myself to pursue education, acquire valuable skills, and make a positive impact on our communities. As you consider giving, remember the impact your support has in shaping futures and nurturing individuals who are committed to "Love & Lead." Proverbs 11:25 - "A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed." Your generosity is an investment in a brighter future for many.


Student Donor Highlight

Sponsoring an ABC student extends far beyond providing financial assistance and, in special cases, includes fostering lifelong friendships. This is exemplified in the story of Doug and Chisomo. Doug discovered ABC’s student sponsorship program through our partnership with the online giving platform DonorSee. Upon his first encounter with ABC, Doug expressed, "Wow, here are people who are truly motivated to learn and improve themselves," particularly inspired by Chisomo’s video and her enthusiasm for shaping her future.


Despite the challenges of COVID-19, Doug, aware of its global impact, was moved after watching Chisomo's video requesting help with school fees. He committed to sponsoring her throughout her time at ABC, providing more support than initially requested, and surprising Chisomo with this good news.


Chisomo, on the verge of discontinuing her education due to financial struggles in her second year at ABC, sought help through ABC’s DonorSee sponsorship program. To her surprise, she was granted the gift of education, thanks to Doug's support.

Their online sponsorship enabled Doug and Chisomo to connect, exchanging encouraging messages and updates on Chisomo’s studies.


Doug significantly influenced Chisomo's pursuit of higher education. With sponsorship, Chisomo completed her studies at ABC Malawi in June 2022 and now serves as the Deputy Public Relations Officer for the Malawian Ministry of Education, all because someone assisted her with tuition.


As their time at ABC drew to a close, Doug and Chisomo expressed a desire to meet if Chisomo ever visited America. Recently accepted to pursue her Master's Degree at Bowling Green State University, Chisomo plans to travel to America and meet Doug in person.


Their story illustrates how sponsoring an ABC student can create enduring relationships—a gift that keeps giving. You too can witness the impact of your generosity, fulfill a need, and make a profound difference in someone's life.


Join us in sponsoring an ABC ChangeMaker. Our sponsorship program enables real-time online connections with your ABC student, allowing you to share photos, videos, prayers, and praises across continents! We've received 78 sponsorships this year and aim for 122 more to achieve our goal of supporting 200 students!

A Brighter Future For Donor & Student

Dr. Paul Chinchen