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ABC Aviation

ABC is committed to training the next generation of African Christian leaders in all areas of life, including aviation. 

Why Aviation at ABC?

Facilitate ABC Student Recruitement

With our Aviation program, we will be able to fly lecturers, professors, and students throughout the region safely and easily.

Developing African Aviation Leaders

Aviation in East Africa is limited but expanding; ABC Aviation program will cultivate Christian-trained leaders in the industry.

Expand ABC's Academic Degree Programs

Offering more focused degree courses will help ABC reach more students and train more leaders.

Why Now?

ABC is now fully chartered and accredited by the Ugandan government, and is now in a perfect position to expand its influence and service to the church and the community. Aviation is the perfect tool for this.

Dr. Kurt Schimke

ABC Aviation's Director and Chief Pilot

Dr. Schimke is a 3000-hour pilot with commercial and instructor ratings in the USA and Uganda. His undergraduate degree was in Missionary aviation (SDCC). He is also an FAA-licensed A&P mechanic with 10 years of small aircraft experience. He flew for 7 years at the local airstrip near ABU, providing flight instruction. He knows the airspace and correct procedures used on these remote airstrips.


Support ABC Aviation

We are currently seeking donations to help us purchase a Cessna 182 aircraft and cover the operation costs for the first two years. We believe that this aircraft will be a valuable asset to our program, and it will allow us to train more students and reach more people with the gospel.

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