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Campus Life

at African Bible Colleges

Welcome to the heart of African Bible Colleges. Here, you will find a vibrant community of students, faculty, and staff who are passionate about making a difference in the world.

The ABC Seal

The ABC seal is a simple yet powerful symbol of our mission and values. It is composed of four symbols: the key, the map of Africa with the Bible, the cross, and the globe.

The Key

The key represents unlocking the door to your future and to the world.

The Map of Africa with the Bible

The map of Africa with the Bible represents how ABC graduates are transforming the African continent by impacting their spheres of influence with the Word of God.

The Cross

The cross represents the hope that we have in Jesus Christ. The cross and resurrection are at the core of the Gospel and the only hope for humanity.

The Globe

The globe represents our global vision. We believe that we serve a global God and that we have a responsibility to share the gospel with the world. "Go make disciples of all nations." Matt. 28:19

Alma Mater

by Nell Chinchen and Barbra Spear

All Hail to ABC May she always be true. Faith in action: God in motion Our prayers are with you We are called by the Lord And together we stand With one aim in our heart And one purpose, one plan… To be used to His glory To fit in his plan For the Lord God has chosen To set apart the Godly man We give thanks to the Lord Jesus. Our Savior and King As we lift up our voices… His praises we sing! HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH PRAISE HIS NAME THE TREASURES OF GOD’S TRUTH WE ARE HERE TO PROCLAIM AFRICAN BIBLE COLLEGE WE SALUTE YOU

Campus Environment

African Bible Colleges is a Christian university prominent in Africa. Established in 1976, ABC provides education firmly rooted in biblical principles, nurtures spiritual growth, and offers comprehensive vocational training. The university is committed to providing an exceptional educational setting where faculty members, staff, and students openly profess their Christian faith.

Holistic Approach

Students are empowered to become impactful leaders who drive positive change in their communities. Faith, academic excellence, and practical skills are all integrated into the campus' approach to learning.

Student Outreach

Every student is required to participate in student outreach, which gives them the opportunity to put their faith into action by sharing the love of Christ and serving others.


Chapel services are an important part of the campus life at ABC. They usually include praise and worship, a relevant message, and an opportunity for students to connect with each other and with God.

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